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The home of Barilla Estate Olive Oil, South Australia
Makers of award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Australian Extra Virgin
Barilla Olive Oil is certified to display the Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil symbol. Every drop of Barilla Olive Oil surpasses the Australian industry standard for origin, freshness and quality.

A family tradition

A family tradition As a tradition borne from the culture from Southern Italy, the Barilla Estate Family has been producing quality extra virgin olive oil for generations. Made from our very own perfect olives grown and processed here in South Australia, the techniques and passion passed down to create a product that will enrich the flavour of your food.
The Good Oil

The Good Oil

A good oil like Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains fats that are easy for the body to process and have many additional health benefits.

Producing EVOO

Barilla uses the very latest techniques and equipment to produce olive oil of the highest quality.
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Contact Us

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